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Greetings and Welcome to MHPathfinder.Com.

My name is Michael Hovey, I am the owner/consultant/technician, and the "MH" of MHPathfinder.Com.

MHPathfinder is an advocate for free and OPEN SOURCE operating systems, such as UBUNTU, the most popular of open source computer operating systems, and LINUX MINT, which is built upon the UBUNTU platform.  Often times, a computer--old or new--will run much more securely, efficiently and faster than with Micorososft Windows.

My services include:


  • Consultation about the state of your present computer and computer needs
  • Provide resources for technical support and/or to purchase a new computer.
  • Hands-on repairs and consultation if you live within the north Orange County or Long Beach areas, near my Cypress, CA location.
  • Consultation and recommendations for a free and OPEN SOURCE secure and reliable operating system that you can use in place of Microsoft Windows, ore even install it alongside MS Windows, should you need access to a Windows-based program every now and then. 
  • Tutorials on computer basics and organizing faolders and files on your computer.
  • Providing on line resources through technical web sites and user forums to help you know your computer and keep it running smoothly, or to know when it's time to upgrade to a newer computer.
  • Some help with network and wireless issues, and referrals to resources to provide what I cannot
  • My web log, Cyberian Reflections, for essays on computing, life and the changing nature of being human in this quickly changing technological Information Age


MHPathfinder.Com Site Updates

MHPathfinder.Com is currently being remodeled, from the ground up, in order to provide a leaner, more utilitarian resource on computers, operating systems, and software.  I'm thinking about what news and information will be pragmatic and useful to those visiting my site, and how I can best serve the needs of my clients. 

My web log will be philosophical and reflective at times, discussing not only ways to improve our computing and online experiences, but also on the changing nature of being human in this Cyberian Age.

I encourage feedback from visitors to MHPathfinder.Com which greatly aids for improving the content and usefulness of our services and web site.

Thank you for allowing MHPathfinder.Com to serve you.


MHPathfinder.Com News

MHPathfinder.Com News and Resources

Free and Open Source Operating Systems: Enlightening LInks Before You Try One

  • Distrowatch.com Link to dozens of free and open source operating systems, most availble to download, at no cost, and run from a USB flash drive.  This allows you to take an operating system for a trial run.  You may choose to install it onto your computer.  If you are running Microsoft Windows, you have the option of installing a new operating system alongside your curren system, with a boot-up menu to choose which system you want to use.
  • LINUX This is the platform, built upon the UNIX source code, on which most free and open source operating systems is built.
  • OPEN SOURCE refers to the cooperative means by which an operating system or software program is developed, usually through the contributions of users, programmers and developers across the globe, then distributed through an organization, busienss or individual.  Most intellectual property is governed by copyright laws. OPEN SOURCE systems and software are governed by a "copyleft" set of laws that guarantee that the source code of a system or application remains accessible to anyone to use, to change, to improve upon, or to build an entirely new system or program, while the source code remains free and accessible to all.
  • UBUNTU is a LINUX-based operating system distributed by CANONICAL, a British company based in South Africa.  "UBUNTU" is an African word that means "I am because of who we all are." What could more aptly convey the cooperative process of developing a free and opens source operating system?  UBUNTU is currently the most popular free and open source computer operating systems.  Like Microsoft Windows and Apple's MAC OS, UBUNTU has been redesigned to be synchronized across multiple computer devices.  If you have a "smart phone", tablet and desktop computer, you can have a version of UBUNTU in each of those devices, with your applications and setting synchronized to be familiar to you no matter which device you are using.  Ubuntu's cross-platform desktop system is called UNITY, which is being further developed for systems that work not only in computers, tablets and smart phones, but also in HD TVs and other devices.
  • LINUX MINT is catching up to UBUNTU in popularity.  In fact at www.distrowatch.comLINUX MINT is now the most downloaded OS on the site.  Like UBUNTU it is very user-friendly.  LINUX MINT uses a desktop platform called GNOME, and its desktop has been developed in a way that looks very similar to Microsfoft Windows, at least up to Windows 7.  Instead of a START button like in Windows, one finds the MENU in the same lower left corner of the desktop, with access to programs, system settings and applications.
  • After reading about free and open source operating systems, and maybe even trying one or two of them, check the user forums with any questions you may have about them, or email me with your questions and I'll help you sort through the issues of changing your operating system, and provide links to help you with the process. Email me peace@mhpathfinder.com

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

Even if I don't put much text on my home page, it's a good idea to include hidden tools that will help me promote my site, so people other than my friends and family actually see it. For example, I could add meta tags, which are hidden codes that allow search engines to find my site. I could also install stats and a counter so I know how many people are visiting. If not many are visiting, submitting my site to search engines will guide more traffic to my site.